Vital Friends Roles

Builder Builders are great motivators, always pushing you toward the finish line. They continually invest in your development and genuinely want you to succeed.
Companion A Companion is always there for you, whatever the circumstances. You share a bond that is virtually unbreakable.
Connector Connectors are bridge-builders who help you to get what you want. They get to know you -- and then connect you to others.
Collaborator A Collaborator is a friend with similar interests, with whom you can easily relate. You might share a passion for sports, hobbies, religion, work, politics, foods, music, films, or books.
Energizer Energizers are your fun friends, who always give you a boost. You have more positive moments when you are with these friends.
Mind Opener Mind Openers are the friends who expand your horizons with new ideas, opportunities, cultures, and people. They help you create positive change.
Navigator Navigators are the friends who give you advice, and keep you headed in the right direction. You go to them whenever you need guidance, and they talk through the "pros" and "cons" with you until you find an answer.
Champion Champions stand up for you and what you believe in. They are loyal friends who sing your praises and defend you until the end.
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